Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL-A) - Aviation Pilot Training
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Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL-A)

If you wish to progress from flying for pleasure to a career as a professional pilot, then the Commercial Aeroplane Pilot Licence will enable you to fly for “hire or reward”. Obtaining your CPL will open up a new chapter with continual challenges and stimulation on a daily basis. The holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence can act as a pilot-in-command of an aircraft and can be legally compensated for piloting services rendered.


After achieving your Private Pilot Licence, you will move onto the Commercial syllabus where we integrate advanced training and speciality courses to maximise your learning during your CPL process. Together with advanced navigation exercises, the intricacies of mountainous terrain flying and achievements of speciality courses and ratings, you will be well on your way to obtaining your Commercial Pilot Licence and the start of a new career.


The duration of the CPL course will take up to 18 months (including the PPL-A), but dependent on your commitment and budget can be achieved in a lot less than that.


Aviation Pilot Training offers a full Commercial Pilot course. It consist of 200 flying hours. The course can be integrated to include various type ratings and speciality ratings.  We advise on as many speciality courses and ratings as possible maximising your funds spent during the training stages of your career and minimising any additional money spent later on once you have qualified.


All type ratings and speciality ratings time flown will count towards the final 200hours needed by the student


The Requirements for the Course are listed below.


At least 18 years of age before you can obtain your Commercial Pilot Licence
Valid Private Pilot Licence
Valid Night Rating
Total of 200 hours of flight time (CPL)
Class 1 Medical Certificate
Meet the English Language Proficiency standards
The Practical Training aspect of our course comprises of the following
Minimum 100 hours pilot in command
Minimum 20 hours cross country (CPL only)
Pass a practical skills flight test with a Designated Flight Examiner

You will also have to pass 10 theoretical SACAA examinations with a pass mark of 75%.

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The holder of a CPL(A) may not exercise the privileges of that License unless he or she is in possession of a valid Class 1 medical certificate has submitted a copy of the medical certificate to the licensing authority, complies with the Maintenance of Competency requirements.

The holder of a valid CPL (A) may, by day under VMC, act as PIC or co-pilot of any helicopter for which he or she holds the appropriate valid type rating.

To provide for special VFR, the holder of a CPL (A) may fly in IMC, in sight of the surface and clear of cloud, fog or mist within a control zone, after being authorised to do so by the responsible air traffic services controller.

The holder of a CPL (A) may exercise the following privileges in any aeroplane for which he or she holds the appropriate valid rating, he or she may furthermore exercise the privileges of the licence for any of the special purposes referred to in regulation 61.05.8.

The holder of a CPL (A) may exercise the following privileges in any aeroplane for which he or she holds the appropriate class or type rating, endorsed in the crew member’s logbook or licence –

a.  exercise all the privileges of a PPL (A);

b.  in operations other than the carrying of passengers or freight for reward, act as PIC in any aeroplane;

c.  act as PIC in any aeroplane;

d.  act as co-pilot in commercial air transport operations in any aeroplane certified for single-pilot operation;

e.  act as safety pilot; and

f. exercise all the privileges referred to in paragraph (a) to (e) by night.

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