Firefighting - Aviation Pilot Training
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Aviation Pilot Training is proud to offer a fast, and reliable aerial firefighting solution. With quick reaction times and no government approvals, we guarantee to be on scene quicker than other providers.


Each of our Airbus helicopters can come equipped with a variety of SEI Industries “Bambi” Buckets with variable capacity ranging from 700- 1000 Liters . The Airbus AS350’s are equipped with a satellite tracking and highly accurate radar altimeters for safety and reliability.


Our pilots are supported by our experienced ground crew, with ground to air radio’s, 2750Litre bowser which will give 2x helicopters 9 hours of flying time. Ensuring the aircraft are constantly on task.


APT is proud to support any fire service with a range of helicopters. From dropping water and retardant to carrying cargo and crews or fire spotting. Our fire fighting helicopters can be equipped with concentrated short term retardant foam in an on board holding tank, which—when necessary—can be added to the water by the pilot en route to the drop zone.