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Aeroplane Flight Instructor Rating

Having just gained an Aeroplane Commercial Licence, a Flight Instructor Rating is a standard route that pilots take to keep flying and to vastly improve their abilities.


The Aeroplane Flight Instructor Course will allow you to teach students to obtain their Private Pilot’s licence. An FI (A) rating will help further your flying career and develop your skills, opening up an extremely rewarding aspect of the industry.
We offer a full-time Instructor Course to show you how to fly and teach from the other seat, pick up and correct students’ mistakes, whilst giving you the confidence to succeed in your ground and flying instruction.


Our course consists mainly of ground school with a revision of the ground subjects necessary for you to teach the students as well as all the teaching and learning elements of the course. A large amount of time is dedicated to this with emphasis on teaching of airmanship, safety and threat and error management so you can instill these principles in your future students from a very early stage. The later stages of the course consist of the flying where you will learn first to fly from the left seat where you will be taught the elements of communication as well as the basic skills necessary. On a more complex level the Instructor must learn how to demonstrate all manoeuvres and explain what is happening simultaneously.  Often this means having to correct student’s mistakes while calmly explaining the error and the appropriate correction needed.


For some becoming an Aeroplane Flight Instructor is not their final ambition however it is a perfect way of building hours quickly as well as honing your basic skills and is the perfect stepping stone to any future career goals and then finally, once you have had all the fun of flying the larger machine in your charter role, always something to fall back on as a semi-retirement job.


Why become a flight instructor?
Being a Flight Instructor is one of the best ways to get into a career in Aviation. There is always a demand for instructors worldwide, and it will also give you fantastic experience to take with you to wherever your career takes you. Whether you choose to stay as a Flight Instructor and progress to Flight Examiner, or use this as a stepping stone towards a different side of the industry, being a Flight Instructor is regarding as being a fulfilling and enjoyable vocation.


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Pre-Course Requirements
Be at least 18 years of age.
Hold English Language Proficiency Endorsement to at least ICAO Level 4.
Hold a valid CPL on Helicopters.
Meet the Commercial Ground School Requirements.
Have completed at least 20 hours of VFR cross-country flight in helicopters as Pilot in Command.
The course comprises of
20 hours flight time
40 hours of instructional briefings

2 SACAA examinations.

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