Frequently Asked Questions - Aviation Pilot Training
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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you are eager to buy a loved one an Introductory Voucher, or you want the challenge of learning how to fly just for fun and private use, or you wondered what it would be like to change career and become a professional Helicopter or Aeroplane Pilot or Instructor, Here are some common queries which might answer those nagging doubts or affirm that the choices you are about to make will lead you down a new exciting path!!


What is an Aviation Medical exam?

The CAA requires pilots to have regular medical check-ups. These are essentially a simple physical exam that you get from a general practitioner doctor who is certified by the CAA as an aero-medical examiner. For the initial issuance of a medical certificate you shall visit a certified aero-medical examination centre and by the end of the examination you will get the certificate. The renewal of the certificate is done by certified aero-medical examiners every 12-60 months depending on the age of the pilot and the certificate’s class which is issued according to the type of the license (private, commercial etc.)


When do I need to do my medical?

If you’re going to do your Private Pilot Licence, you need a Class 2 Flight Medical.  If you are planning on going through to CPL, then it’s a good idea to do a Class 1 Flight Medical at the outset so that you know you can get one before committing yourself to the training and expense of the commercial course. Aviation Pilot Training advises all our students to get the Flight Medical at the beginning of the course to see if you are medically fit to continue with your training.


Do I need perfect eyesight?

No. You only need vision that is correctable with glasses or contact lenses.
What do I have to do to register for the school?
You should contact us and we will guide you through the whole registration process. We will decide together what method or training option is best for you and then you will take a pre-entry test. After that you will complete a registration form and we will begin a training record for you. That’s all!


What is an Introductory Flight?

An Introductory Flight will give you the chance to pilot an airplane or helicopter for the first time. This will help you decide if you really want to pursue a pilot’s license plus it will give you a knowledge base for the ground studying. A 35-minute flight in the helicopter or 1 hour flight in the aeroplane is usually enough and with proper guidance from a Flight Instructor you will be able to discover the magic of flight.


How old do I have to be to get a pilot’s license?

You can start your private pilot’s license training at the age of 16 and you can have a license at the age of 17. Your commercial pilot’s license training can start at the age of 17 and you can get the license at the age of 18.


Do I need any prior flying experience?

No. Most students have no prior experience at the beginning of airplane or helicopter training.


Does the Commercial Pilot Licence include a Private Pilot Licence?

Yes it does. You do the PPL first then complete the CPL, but the CPL course costs include the PPL.


Can we train on our own private aircraft at Aviation Pilot Training?

We are delighted to be able to offer you the option of training with one of our experienced instructors at APT. All you have to do is book an instructor for the desired time you would like to fly. Please note there are standard hourly rates for our instructors.


What subjects must I take to qualify for this course?

Except for a Flight Medical, there is not really any other requirements to start with your training. However saying that, it will definitely help you with your theoretical subjects if you have Maths, Geography and Science as subjects.


How long does the training take to complete?

The private pilot’s license can be obtained in less than 6 months, the commercial pilot’s license can be obtained in 12 months flat.
Can I work at my job and train at the same time?
Yes. We understand that a lot of people have to work to pay for their training and that is why we can offer the distance learning option as far as the ground training is concerned and then customize your flight training schedule around your work schedule.

What is the best way to fund my flight training?

You can ask your bank for a student’s loan and decide what is best for you. Our school does not interfere with student’s financials but we can help you by issuing any necessary documentation you might need.


Am I too old to become an employable Commercial Pilot?

The short answer is absolutely not. Many companies prefer to entrust an aircraft to a pilot with some life experience. Airlines usually have an age limit as far as hiring first officers with no prior experience but that is usually the age of 34 years old. That still does not mean you cannot work for a small airline and work your way through a big one as a Captain or work as a Flight Instructor until you have more experience and a better cv.


Will I find a job after graduating Aviation Pilot Training? Have your previous graduates found positions?

We endeavour to help all of our students find successful jobs at the time of qualification. APT is proud to be able to offer a slot into our V&A waterfront charter operation to select candidates. We also encourage CPL students to get there career off to a start with instruction at APT. Or if you are adventurous we will send you on one of our numerous contracts to gain experience.