Introductory Flights - Helicopter - Aviation Pilot Training
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Introductory Flights

If you have no previous flying experience, a trial Introductory Flight is the best way to spend time in the air with one of our fully qualified flight instructors. This hands-on helicopter flight lesson is obligation-free and includes a comprehensive pre-flight brief and an opportunity to handle the controls of the aircraft, giving you an exhilarating taste of what it’s like to fly an aircraft.


Aviation Pilot Training recommends an Introductory Flight to all aspiring pilots as it opens the world of flying, where you have the opportunity to actually fly a helicopter! We assure you will be in the safe and capable hands of our instructors who will demonstrate each control and when you’re ready, it’s your turn to fly the aircraft.


You will be in the air for 35 minutes.  Either as a present to a loved one, or indulge your own dreams by taking an Introductory Flight. Note that even thou this is an “intro flight” should you choose to do your PPL/ CPL with us, these hours flown are not wasted. These will be logged towards your final goal of PPL/CPL. It will either be a once in a lifetime opportunity, or you will catch the flying bug and be back for more.


Should you want to purchase this as a gift, we can issue you a voucher which lasts for 3 months which we will send to you by email for you to print off and present.


Why don’t you make your dream a reality by taking the first step in becoming a pilot by contacting us for a cost estimate.