Mountain Flying - Aviation Pilot Training
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Mountain Flying

No matter where you fly in South Africa at some stage you will be affected by the mountainous terrain that makes up a large portion of this beautiful country.
Up there, the forces of nature have a greater impact and pilots who operate in the mountains have developed a special set of skills and knowledge to help them survive.


A healthy respect for these areas and an understanding of their peculiarities and pitfalls may one-day save your life. Our courses have been designed to introduce the basic techniques and then progress you further, in order to give you the confidence, skills and understanding for mountain flying.


In the classroom, we will study mountain weather, what to look for and more importantly what to avoid. At height, power available is less, power required is more. An intrinsic understanding of weight, power, and density altitude is paramount to ensure maximum performance whilst operating in the demanding environment. Finally, we will look at flying techniques, physiological factors associated with mountain flying and the worst case scenario – surviving in the mountains in the event of a forced landing.


Mountain flying is a skill that is taught but can only be mastered with time and experience. Aviation Pilot Training offers great fly-aways to various mountainous areas like Matroosburg and Drakensburg.


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Course requirements
Minimum of valid Private Pilots License
Course structure
3 Hours theoretical briefings
5 hours flight time