Night Rating - Helicopter - Aviation Pilot Training
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Night Rating

Our varied night courses will include full ground briefings covering the differences at night, depth perception, the legal implications, wider use of the instruments and the necessity of accurate navigation techniques.


Night flying is not a requirement for obtaining a PPL or CPL. However, although a helicopter night flying qualification is not in demand to the same degree as for aeroplanes, it provides students with a different challenge and can be included either in your course or done separately depending on your needs.
You start with the basics of hovering, take offs, landings and circuits using a combination of visual and instrument flying techniques.


In the new, unfamiliar surroundings we will then progress further afield on navigation trips (if you chose the CPL night navigation option), practise specific time and distance exercises and a heavier reliance upon instrument flying. Some solo experience is also required but we practise all these exercises in good flying conditions near a full moon, which will also enable you to enjoy the lights of Cape Town at night, a rare and exceptional experience.

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Course requirements
Hold a valid class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate
Hold a valid PPL-H
Have completed at least 100h of time as pilot of helicopters after the issue of the license, including at least 60h as pilot-in-command and 20h of cross-country flight
Have the valid type rating for the helicopter used for the training
The Night type rating Consists of
10 hours basic Instrument Flying
5 hours Actual night flight which comprises of Emergency training, Navigation and Solo Circuits.
5 Hours theory briefing
Night flight test.

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