Private Pilot Licence (PPL-A)
 - Aviation Pilot Training
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Private Pilot Licence (PPL-A)

It does not matter where you are from in the world,  or what age you may be, if you have the interest of learning how to fly then you have come to the right place. You are here to relish the ultimate challenge of learning how to fly an aeroplane and obtaining a Private Pilot Licence!


Whether your goal is to take your friends flying past the gorgeous Table Mountain or  visit one of the beautiful coastal towns in the Western Cape or you just want that ultimate sensation of being able to pilot an aeroplane, then a Private Aeroplane Pilot Licence gives you the flying freedom to achieve those dreams.


Based out of Cape Town International Airport our courses are all tailored to your individual requirements and your time frame, so regardless of your other commitments we can support you all the way from your first induction flight, to the day you have passed your PPL flight test.


Your momentous achievement opens up a whole new world of possibilities where you will never stop being in awe of what you can do. You could join us on fly away weekends or show your friends and family around South Africa by air. This skill can never be taken away and can always be used anywhere in the world.


From your first lesson of effects of controls at altitude which enables you to get a feel for the controls one by one for the first time and perform the basic manoeuvres and procedures of an aeroplane, to practising climbing, descending and turns.   You will quickly get the feel of the aeroplane and progress with taking-off, landing, circuits, emergencies and talking to other aircraft on the flight radio.


Once your instructor is confident of your ability you will be sent solo.  Your first real achievement in flying and one to be proud of.  You will then continue practising all the skills learnt to date and move onto the challenge of landing in confined areas and navigating cross-country. After this a quick practical test prep and then you will be ready for a final flight test for your PPL.


Should you want to conduct your PPL on any one of our other aircraft, we would be happy to arrange this for you.


Please contact us so that we can book your first lesson.

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The course is broken up into 2 sections. Theory and Practical



In order to be eligible to test for your PPL license, you need the following
25 hours are dual instruction with an instructor in helicopters
At least 15 hours of solo flight time of which 5 hours are cross country
are accumulated in solo flight, of which 5 hours are cross


A big part of your PPL is theory and understanding things like aerodynamics, weather, rules of the air and aircraft planning. Thus, there are 8 exams in which a student must pass in order to obtain a PPL. The pass mark for all aviation exams is 75%.

Aviation Meteorology
Radio Telephony
Flight Performance and Planning
General Navigation
Aircraft General
Principles of Flight
Human Performance and Limitations
Air Law

Lesson structure
The flying syllabus is broken up into 19 separate flight exercises. A standard flight lesson is 2 hours and is broken up a
30min briefing
15 min pre-flight preparation
1 hour flight time
15 min debrief

All lessons are weather dependent. APT has a 100% safety record and abides to strict maximum meteorologic conditions.
So what do I get with this PPL and what does it limit me to doing??? We have added word for word, the Civil aviation’s definition of the privileges of a PPL holder.



1. The holder of a Aeroplane PPL may not exercise the privileges of that license unless he or she:

a) is in possession of a valid Class 1 or 2 medical certificate; issued to him or her in terms of Part 67;

b) has submitted a copy of the medical certificate to the licencing authority, as required in sub-regulation 61.01.6(6) in the event that the aviation medical examiner is unable to submit electronic data to the Director;

c) complies with the Maintenance of Competency requirements.

2. The holder of a valid PPL (A) may, in VMC, act as PIC or co-pilot in any aeroplane for which he or she holds the appropriate valid class rating or type rating.

3. To provide for special VFR, the holder of a PPL (A) may fly in IMC, in sight of the surface and clear of cloud, fog or mist within a control zone, after being authorised to do so by the responsible air traffic services controller

4. If the holder of a PPL(A) has the appropriate valid rating, he or he may furthermore exercise the privileges of the licence for any of the special purposes referred to in regulation 61.03.8

5. The holder of a PPL (A) may –

act as a pilot in command of an aeroplane in the course of his or her own employer’s business, provided that-

(i) the flight is only incidental to the business or employment; and

(ii) the aeroplane does not carry passengers or freight for reward or hire.

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