Sling Rating - Aviation Pilot Training
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Sling Rating

If you found learning to hover a challenge then you might experience a bit of deja`vu with your first few lessons of underslung load flying!


This rating is a requirement for helicopter pilots working in the areas of firefighting, search and rescue, and mining and logging. Sling load operations are one of the most technically difficult skills to master and require a high level of concentration, so completing this training is guaranteed to increase your flying ability and career prospects.


You will learn a whole new way of flying with the door off, looking out and down, with both power and load management critical for success.


The flying part of the course starts with the pre-flight and load inspection considerations that are safety critical. Then you are introduced to flying with the door off and looking down without the load, using your peripheral vision for reference points.


You progress as your experience grows to flying the load, operating at higher weights and increasing the length of the strop to 50 metres for the commercial course (long lining).


Our courses have been designed to improve both the Private Pilot skills and those looking to go further towards obtaining a Commercial Licence. Both the PPL and CPL underslung load courses will cover the theory relating to load configurations, weight, balance and power management along with a ground crew briefing, then moving on to specific load flying techniques and considerations.


We have highly-experienced instructors available to train you for your Underslung Endorsement. Flight time required for this rating is a minimum of 5 hours and may be done on various helicopters.


Course requirements
Minimum of valid Private Pilots License
Course Comprises of
1 day theoretical briefing
5 hours practical load preparation
5 hours flying