Turbine & Twin Rating - Helicopter - Aviation Pilot Training
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Turbine & Twin Rating

Having gained your helicopter license, you will be limited to the type of helicopter that you have trained on. There may come a time when you want to take more passengers, or you require more speed and comfort.


APT offers initial turbine conversions and Twin conversions.


Course requirements
Minimum of valid Private Pilots License
An initial turbine course comprises of
5 hours flight
5 hours ground training
2 hours technical training
1 technical exam


Initial twin Conversions comprises of:
10 Hours flight
2 day theory course
2 hours multi crew briefing
3 hours technical training
1 technical exam


With the ever-changing markets in light turbine aircraft, we suggest the initial turbine course on an Airbus H120, This aircraft will give you even more skills, as you will also be learning how to fly the latest designed Fenestron tail rotor.
Should you want to do an initial turbine on any of our other aircraft, we would gladly accommodate this .